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Luxfurny is built on the basis combining sophisticated and modern luxury with high end premium quality furniture. Our fantastic partnerships with worldwide suppliers are made on the basis of providing our customers with artsy furniture that brings life to our homes. Our products undergo a rigorous selection system that ensures that they fit the highest quality, aesthetics and the companies portfolio. Our mission is to provide your homes with high end premium quality luxury furniture with the suave it so craves.




Based in Toronto, Canada, our company was established to appreciate the art of luxury furniture. Prior to forming this company our founder was searching for a company that speaks to its customers, places special attention to its products (rather than a marketplace for products) and high end enough to provide fast and reliable delivery systems but to no avail that is why he decided to start Luxfurny.

At Luxfurny he decided to create a gallery for furniture in order to present furniture as masterpieces rather than a product. He believes that furniture is the soul of the house and that we decide what personality we give our houses. He believes that like a person, houses need therapy and by adding or changing  furniture items you relieve your home. 


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