5 Modern Lighting Ideas For Your Living Room

The latest lighting innovation is the modern. Lighting has developed aesthetically at such a rapid pace that it's not just "lighting" anymore, it's an art piece for your home. Lately Modern lighting has been taking over by storm it’s the latest lighting trend preferred by interior designers in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and what's a better place showcasing our art than our living rooms. There’s no denying that the living room sets the tone for the remaining of the house that’s why we tend to take care of that space the most always keeping it neat and tidy. Myself and the Light Corp team decided to publish our first article on living room lighting. We created a list with modern lighting ideas that you will definitely get you some praise  from family and friends, so check them out! 

1. Modern Ultra-thin LED Ceiling Lighting

Modern Ultra Thin LED Ceiling Light

This is a fantastic option for the minimalistic of us. It is simple yet soothing and slick. It fits perfect for apartments and homes with a modern feel. It comes with black or white colors with a warm white or cold white lamp color. The entire product is all about convenience, it supports LED technology therefore saving you some money on the bills. Overall, you get a stellar return on investment from this and you just can’t ask for more to be honest. 


2. Black and White Chandelier lighting 

Black and white wall ceiling LED lighting


There are situations when we want something that’s simple yet visually interesting offering a great character to your home. This art piece works really well, and the best part of it is that it's easy to install. It comes in multiple sizes offering the ease of choice. This piece offers a posh stunning feel for your home. Your paintings will settle well to the lighting 


3. Modern Ceiling Chandelier LED Lustre Square Rings

Modern LED Lustre Square Rings

Opting for this can be a really challenging feet but the reward is amazing. This piece will set you apart, make a statement and have heads turning when you have friends over.  The visuals here are really something, and they do make the entire room stand out which is really neat. Overall this piece is for the fainthearted as it takes courage and execution to perfect it. It’s extraordinary you decorate your living room to gel well it. 


4. Modern LED Crystal Chandelier 

Modern LED Crystal CHANDELIER  While this is more of a high fashion art piece it fits in the modern feel well its perfect for living rooms with a lot of glass wear and windows. This piece does create suspense and bring style to your living room If you love crystals you'll love this piece. Keep in mind that it can be pretty large, so you do need to make sure it fits in when you purchase it 


5. Modern 5 bulb Ceiling Light

If you want your living room to have simpler lighting, then this one works really well for you. The idea here is that you will receive a tremendous quality and attention to detail from such a piece. This piece is definitely for the young spirited. It’s an exciting piece it offers your room a stylish modern way of life.


I hope you enjoyed our selection of modern lighting They are a great to your home, they look great, and offer an extraordinary way to customize your home, you will definitely have heads turning when you have people over! 

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