How Lighting Affects our Brains And How To Pick The Right Lighting For Your Rooms

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Lighting plays a crucial role in affecting our vision and concentration especially nowadays when we are spending extended periods of time in front of our computers and phones browsing the internet, working on a long assignment or going on a Netflix marathon watching our favorite shows on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Weather we notice it or not lighting does affect our surroundings since we are exposed to it for long periods of time thus affecting our work rate and sight. Today we will explain how lighting affects our brains and the different types of lighting to help you make better decisions when picking up new lights 


Poor lighting is certainly irritating regardless of what room you might be in, it can be particularly risky as it can "change our brains structures and change one's ability to remember and learn" as researchers at the University of Michigan concluded when conducting a lab experiment on rats. The neuroscientist observed changes of the brain of two sets of rats which have been exposed to both dim and bright light for four weeks simultaneously. The hippocampus (part of the brain responsible for learning and memory) of the rats exposed to the dim lights were found to lose 30% capacity as their ability to perform spatial tasks which they have been previously trained for declinedHowever, the performance of lab rats exposed to bright light significantly improved. After a months' time the rats which have been exposed to dim light initially were now exposed to bright light. This improved their memory back to its original state.  


Inappropriate lighting in the workplace can adversely influence laborer efficiency and the nature of the work delivered. It can likewise be a security and wellbeing risk. Dim lighting can make it hard to see, making it significantly more likely for mischances and wounds to happen. Cerebral pains and eye strains, as watery or consuming eyes, may likewise be caused from minimal lightingSo, what is the perfect measure of lighting and what sort of light source should we consider when we pick a new lighting fixture?  



Types of Lighting 


First thing’s first—what type of lighting should you choose? There are a few different options to choose from, and each type has its own specific purpose and its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. You can combine these various types of lighting to create a properly lit working atmosphere. 


Overhead Lighting 

 Golden Arches LED Chandelier For Living Room


This type of lighting isn’t the brightest and can cause shadows or just be too dim. It’s usually best to add other types of lighting and not rely solely on an overhead light. For those with fluorescent overhead lights, adding either corrective or ambient lighting may help to reduce any discomfort you experience while exposed with fluorescent lighting. As far as overhead lights go, you will want to opt for lensed indirect lighting as opposed to direct parabolic lighting. These type of lights are usually placed in living room, bedroom and hallways. A great selection would be the Golden Arches Chandelier that will provide the proper lighting and present your home in a stylish fashion. 

Task Lighting 

If your home lacks sufficient natural and overhead light, you may want to consider adding task lightingTasks lights are small lamps that can be plugged into any outlet to provide extra lighting There are even LED task lights and lamps with a cold light that can gel well with your space. The Bendable USB table lamp provides the necessary lighting for your office space.


  Bendable LED USB Table Lamp


Ambient Lighting 


Stressed out while you work? It might have less to do with your workload and more to do with your surroundings. Ambient lighting has a low intensity that can help you create a more peaceful atmosphere. Check out our Contemporary Modern Ceiling LED Lights for a relaxed and cozy feeling.


  Contemporary LED Ceiling Lights


Lighting is not just an important decorative element it plays a huge role in affecting our health and performance, so the next time you need to buy a new light you can simply thank us  


Need more help finding lighting that works in you? Contact our experts today at or shop our full selection of lighting. 

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